Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it's summer

Ahh a SUMMER, how I love YOU! I'm not a cold weather person. NOT AT ALL. I hate the cold! I'd love to live someplace warm, surrounded by beaches and water. Ahh that sounds great. Anyone know a good places like that? Oh yeah it needs to be free as.........I'm not very how do you say.......I'm broke as a joke 90% of the time. Anywho. summer time in my family means hanging out at my parents pool.......(when you are to broke to go to a real beach). If you squint your eyes just right and knock yourself over the head you will think those "waves" rolling in across that crystal clear water are big salt water waves (when there really just bumps from Kanyons last cannonball), or that the lava hot deck you just raced across was warm toasty sand. but it wasn't. And then you realize that's not a biplane flying around with one of those 50% off everything at Waves Superstore signs....it's the creepy neighbor mowing his lawn, who apparently only needs to mow the part that gives him a clear view to your pool,.....creepy. So here is how our summer has started
Kanyon spent a ton of time spraying everyone with these stupid water launchers.

Sarah got her first taste of the pool. She looks thrilled, No?

At least Logan LOVED the water!

Sarah and Logan meet for the first time. Logan wasn't sure if she was real, but realized she didn't look like the same baby that follows him EVERYWHERE and looks at him in the mirror.

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