Thursday, June 17, 2010

It happen at work.

A little amount of background on ME! I'm an obit clerk for our local newspaper........(cricks chirping). Yes, i get that a lot, dead silence (pardon the pun) after i mention what i do, most people don't know how to react. The typical "Oh that sounds like a fun job, or, Do you like what you do" doesn't seem the same. Not like i just said I'm a ice cream shop owner or a part time clown. I write OBITS. Not the happiest of times. But OH my........the stories I could tell.

One day while minding my own business at work (google surfing and blogging) my phone rang. Upon answering the phone I was greeted with not your customary "Hello, I'm so and so calling to ask a few questions".....oh no. What follows is one of the oddest conversations to HAPPEN at WORK.

Me~ Obit desk, McMean speaking
Crazy Lady~ Where in the hell do you people get off running stories in your paper about what a great person this guy was.......He was horrible! You ran stories on the front page....... and don't even get me started on his obit! All the lies and half truths you wrote about him make me sick!
Me~ (WTF) hmmm.......Mrs. CL. are you calling to make corrections on an obit or to an editorial story.
CL~ Both aren't you listening..........He was a horrible man who ran around on his wife while she was dieing of cancer......dated my mom and she never knew about this other lady then married my mom and kept her prisoner. I had to kidnap her for her own safety. Doesn't say that in his obit does it?
Me~ doesn't sound like you were involved in placing the obit with the family and the funeral home, there isn't really anything i can.......
Me~ Mrs......
CL~ Where did you get the stuff you put in his obit you named one wife and he was married a few times.....
Me~ All the information comes from the funeral home and is supplied to them by his family.
CL~ Well it's all lies...........You should run a retraction because he was horrible he wasn't this great guy the paper makes him out to be
Me~ We can't just run a retraction because YOU didn't like him..
CL~ Oh you don't know anything your stupid
Me~ Have a nice day (CLICK)

she called back to complain that I hung up on her. I'm pretty sure it was justified.

So what did everyone else write about?? Mama Kat's


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness.....I would not have been able to handle that awkward conversation!

Stopping by from Mama Kats

brainella said...

Holy crap! And I thought I had a thankless job at the public library! :)

Maureen said...

Oh wow that is just too weird! But you did handled it so well tho so kudos to you! :D