Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sending out an S.O.S.!!!!!

So day number (hold on I'm counting on my the two) 5. It's day 5 of my online dating adventure. and it's going.................hmmmmm......well it's not going horrible, which is how my last online dating adventure went so I'm happy with this.

I'm still addicted to seeing how many people have viewed my profile and I STILL think it's horrible they give you that information. I'm assuming it's one of those "return on your investment" kind of things. Their way of saying........"See this is why you paid for this so ALL these guys (91 so far) can ogle you". I've received a few more winks and I've exchanged a couple emails with one guy in particular. We are currently doing the getting to know you questions......and this is where I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm not sure what to ask anymore. We've covered the family questions, he has a brother and a 6 year old son, (It's darn near impossible to find a guy who isn't either divorced or a dad, he is both of those things) he lives in the same area as me and he's an IT guy. So I need some question I can ask him.

this getting to know a person thing is ........HARD.

I've asked him his top 5 favorite songs of all time, one place he must see before he dies, and which trilogy is better the new or the old Star wars (he mentioned he liked Star Wars). but now I'm not sure what to ask. I need some go to questions...........Any advice my wonderful friends??? Any advice at all???


Sam_I_am said...

do a google search on get to know you questions. Ask him if he could only watch one sport/tv/show/movie for the rest of his life, what would it be. What would he do with his money if he hit the powerball, ect.

Just Another Day said...

Yah I got some advice... I tried the online dating too and it went no where.. lol... lets skip the hassle... you move up here to my house... get a job with the pottsville newspaper and we'll date each other.. we'll be able to skip all the "is he/she crazy, a felon, pedophile, etc"