Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun in the sun

SO.........I was off for Memorial Day. FINALLY. some time off...even if it was just for the day. And it felt GREAT. I sat around with the family at my parents house in the sun and enjoyed the day. It was unbelievably HOT out. but the pool helped to fix the heat problem. Preggers, Mr. Preggers, and their little boy Logan, who's 1st birthday was Monday came over for the cookout also.

Big brother and his girlfriend brought my little niece (5 1/2 months) and my nephew (7 years old) over so we had the kid part covered.

It was nice to sit around and relax and chow down on some yummy summer food.

Logan enjoyed the pool, his first experience with such a thing. I think the boat helped.

We've had this baby boat since my nephew was little and Logan loved it right away. Come on....who wouldn't love this thing. I wish I had one for me. lounging in the pool making boat noises and steering my boat around while someone pushes me around. Now that's the LIFE.

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