Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mess of Information

So I've been seeing someone (?) is that what you call it. I don't know I'm SO out of practice with the whole dating THING. Ugh. But I don't think I'm bad at it....per say. I mean we've been out 3 times with our 4th date taking place tonight. So I must not be to HORRIBLE or AWKWARD to be around. If so.......well I guess he likes it then. It's fun.......I know, I know. McMean a/k/a/ McUnfriendly is having fun making a new friend.................Why yes. Yes i am. See i'm not always a mean person!! Someone please relay this information to my friends, as I'm sure they will laugh hysterically in your face.

So aside from the adventures in dating.......not much is going on with me. Working....A LOT. But I'm looking forward to my 10 days off coming up in 10 days! no big plans.....I would love to hit the beach, but I doubt that will happen. Preggers and I are going to Philly for a few days...just to get away. And I'll end my week off with a trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for some McMean Family fun. That might be the closest I get to the beach.....a nice day on the bay. But it's not who cares!

I bought new stuff for my deck and made it look all nice. Check it out!

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