Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The dress

My BFF is getting married. And it's been a trip so far. But we got our dresses in the mail. Yup I said mail. We ordered them from etsy.

I'll pause while you wrap your head around that.  Picking the dresses was an ordeal. Shouldn't have been, didn't need to be, but......it was. Wasn't her fault, sure as fuck wasn't mine, but in the end she found a "convertible" dress on etsy that " looks great on every body type". AND " can be worn in a m,lion different styles". AHH HA. So here's the dress. 

I have NEVER needed to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to dress myself. NEVER. Until now. Yup. I got instructions with the dress to go to the YouTube channel and watch videos on how to wrap this around my body. Fine. But they didn't have a video on the style I wanted so I just MacGyvered it. As you can see in the following picture.

YEAH. The straps are super long because they have to be wrapped around you a bunch of times to make the top of your dress. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Better keep practicing. And the clingy fabric leaves NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION. spanks won't even help me with this dress I don't think.

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