Friday, July 12, 2013

Small steps

So when we first came to see this house. 

We liked it. Then we came inside and saw the space and possibilities. And we started to like it a little more. The house was built in 2005 and for almost the last two years had been vacant. For sitting empty for so long we were surprised to see it was still in GREAT condition. The home inspector....who was awesome, couldn't find anything wrong except a minor leak in the guest bathroom sink. There were a few things that would need done but nothing major.  Which is great because while the hubby can hang a ceiling fan and switch out light switches........that's about it. 

We've brought some curtains which really help make it feel like our home. I've recently downloaded the Sherwin-Williams app where you can take pictures of your house and all the rooms and then paint the rooms. I love it. You can save the colors you like and the pictures painted for future reference.

BUT TODAY- I conquered the corner flower bed. You see the 3 or 4 weeks leading up to our closing it rained. Rained. RAINED nonstop. So the flower beds we saw a month prior looked like this when we moved in

It was sort of intimidating. Where do you start? What the heck is this? Is this a flower? Wait this leaf looks sorta like that leaf and that's a flower, so this is a flower?  OH MY GOSH!!!!  I knew I just had to dig in it was overwhelming.

So after taking numerous photos to show people and tapping into my moms knowledge of flowers, I figured out what most of them where. It's been pretty hot here or it's been raining on my days off so finally today I got up and went out to weed. I pulled through the light drizzle and even though it's overcast and not as hot as it's been I was soaked till I was done. Here is what I have to show for my hard work.
Still needs some work, but at least you can see the beautiful colors. In the fall I"ll need to spilt things up and replant them someplace else. 


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