Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's all fun games until............

After work on Sunday hubby met me at my moms house for some family fun time. Mom, big brother, hubby, my sister-in-law, Sarah, kanyon and myself all enjoyed a n evening of swimming and pizza. And we had FUN. trust me that is a fete in its self as our last two family fun times events have ended with me fighting with someone and someone leaving. Yup. Good times with our family. 

But ot this time we swam ate pizza and swam again. We didn't g out of the pool until after 8pm. They set up my nieces new play slide so she could slide into the pool. She loved it. LOVED IT. 

(This is from Easter) 

Don't be fooled by her girly look and small stature. She is FEARLESS. Big brother just bought her her first 4 wheeler. Yup. 3 1/2 and she drives all over the place. If it moves and makes noise she loves it. trucks, motorcycles, four wheelers, go carts, EVERYTHING. She's more boy then anything. 

Two weeks ago after finishing a ride on the go cart with her Dad she got off and for whatever reason reached back and touched the muffler. OUCH!! She burnt her hand pretty good. She knows better. And when we asked her why she did it she said...... ' I just wanted to see if it was really hot'. YES SARAH IT IS.

I asked her about her 4 wheeler and she said 'oh it goes really fast but dad says DONT GO FAST..... So I don't go fast. I LOVE it.' It comes with a more control so if she does go to fast, big brother can just turn it off. 

Fast forward to Sunday night. We had all dried off and everyone was getting ready to leave. Then we hear  it. The back door opens and we hear a little whimper. In comes Sarah holding her hand going 'ouch mommy my hand hurts' my brother comes in and tells us that while putting some stuff in the car he went to shut the door and out shot her little hand right into the door. Her fingers were already blue and purple. She didn't cry much but they decided to make a trip tot he ER. To get her fingers looked at. My brother said in the car she said 'will they fix me at the hospital!'

It's all fun and games until Sarah gets hurt. 

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