Monday, July 22, 2013

Random rant

I need a vacation. A good solid week of R&R. Nothing else. Just rest and relaxation...... And booze. Definitely booze. Booze makes everything better. 

It seems that all my 'vacation days' this year (aside from our honeymoon) were days I HAD to take to accomplish a bunch of STUFF.  

Had a few days in January which involved a 9 hour drive (both ways) to NC to help my best friend find a venue for her wedding and do a LOT of the planning in 3 DAYS. 

I had two days around our birthdays.....which ended up being spent house hunting. 

Two days in may MOVING!! Not the best vacation ever. 

I have one day coming up to recover from the bridal shower I'm putting together on my day off. 

And a bunch of days in September for......for my best friends wedding. We have tons to do leading up to the actual wedding. Her and I are flying in on Tuesday to prepare for the Saturday wedding.

Vacations are EXHAUSTING. 

I need a lay on the beach and enjoy the sun vacation.......maybe next year. 

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