Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've got CRABS!

The one bar near us, Tailgaters, does $1 a hard shell crab days on their deck....Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.......almost EVERYDAY! And come on! $1 a crab. $1 of hard shell yummy GREATNESS! SIGN ME UP! So preggers, and Julie and i went last week. It was nice, since we haven't logged much girl time" what with preggers going back to school and raising her 15 month old, Julie with her busy life at the family business and her dogs, and then there's me...............ME who is notorious for NOT having ANYTHING to occupied my time.......I've been busy. With my new BOYFRIEND. Yeah he's my's official. We had the "talk" which I wasn't sure how it was supposed to go since the last time i had the "talk" it involved a note and the words "Do you want to be my YES or NO." So i did my best......and by best I mean tried to not act like an idiot. I only cracked one joke about "so now you have to give me your letter man jacket so i can wear it to lunch" oh yeah and this i guess it was 2 jokes..."Does this mean i get to wear your class ring on a chain around my neck". See i didn't do to BAD.Anyways...back to my crab story. So the 3 of us went and had crabs Tuesday night....and they were tasty. BUT, they came with a whole BUNCH of rules. Please refer to the picture for details.

WOW. That's a lot of things to keep straight. But we did ok. No one kicked us out or anything at least.

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