Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 days of truth day 9

Day 9- Someone you didn't want to let go over but they just drifted away.

I'm sure we all know a few of those people. I have a few of those people, the ones i figured I would know forever but then after awhile life happen and the next thing i knew I hadn't spoken or heard from them in Months. that turned into years, and here we are.....strangers. I have a person like that. My friend Chef Brownie from high school. I was maid of honor in her wedding. Flew from Pittsburgh to Mississippi to be there for the big day. And now flash forward five years.....we haven't spoken in over a year.

After high school she went to culinary school and then interned in a Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi (yes i just did the little song in my head to make sure I spelled that state correctly). WE emailed, wrote letters, sent gifts via the Postal Service, and finally when she got married I flew down to stand next to her. But then life happen. I graduated, started looking for a job, made a few new friends closer to home, and she went on with her life. Soon we were talking every few months....then every 6-8 months, then on birthdays and holidays only. Until i called to wish her a happy birthday/ anniversary and she informed....she was DIVORCED.

Now we never talk. It's not either of our faults....at the same time it's both our faults. I never call. She never calls. We just drifted apart.

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