Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 days of truth day 7

Day 7----Someone who has made your life worth living for.

When i moved home for college 5+ years ago it wasn't how shall we say........a bright point in my life. I pretty much hated my life, myself and most of the people around me. I was moving back to a town I NEVER planned on moving back to. I didn't have a job or ANY prospects. My boyfriend had just dumped me for "ruining his life", and i was moving back in with my parents, who TRIED to be understanding.. Yeah not a high point in my life. The only high point was being back in York made it much easier to be a part of my little cousins, and my nephew's life. I was there when Jessica and Rebbeca got on the bus their first day of kindergarten. I was there when Kanyon learned how to swim and ride a bike. I hosted (and still do) sleepovers for the 3 of them so they will be as close as I am with their parents. Without these 3 I would have been completely lost when i moved back here.I don't have kids. Not yet at least. Hopefully someday I will, but for now I'm content to spend time and spoil the children in my life.

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