Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No more showers!

I'm done. NO MORE SHOWERS! No Wedding showers, no BABY SHOWERS, no rain showers! NO MORE. YOU hear that all my fertile friends. NO MORE SHOWERS! FOUR! 4 showers this year. NO MORE! Should have been 5 but I couldn't make the one, so I'm done. No MORE! Don't get me wrong I love me some shower cake, and note pad prizes. But no more....PLEASE. No more this year at least. Maybe we could hold off on anymore till maybe........JUNE! I think I could be ready by June.

Saturday we, meaning ME and my mom, hosted a shower for my Big Brothers girlfriend. She's due in January. It's a girl, Sarah Katharine Macneal. COULD SHE SOUND ANYMORE CATHOLIC. and we aren't even catholic. I told them she's destine to be a nun with a name like that. BB said that sounds great to him.

So back to the shower, it was a lot of work. Made worse by the fact that A LOT of people didn't RSVP! Must have thought it was optional.

WE had a ton of food. Made by my mom and I.

I decorated the place up very girly.

Made some very cute pink and brown chocolates shaped like baby animals and booties. Plus I put together the favor boxes with mints and pink Hershey kisses. and set up the very nice display.We played my favor game. Dirty Diaper. We used 6 different kinds of candy bars and melted one bar in each diaper (in the microwave) and then smashed it together, so it looked like........well poop. And then they had to try and guess what candy bar was in each diaper. It's great.

But here's what I can't figure out. WHY do people insist on doing this to the expecting mother or the bride to be.

I had no part in this. My cousin TAMMY jumped up and was like "Oh we make bow hats in this family". Why? Why do we make them wear these things???? Anyone?


Diane said...

OK, I've never heard of that poop game... and I'm sort of glad about that. I'm not sure I could look at another chocolate bar the same way. Heeeeey... maybe I SHOULD try that poop game!

I don't blame you with not wanting any more showers. Lordy. That's too many. You definitely deserve a break!

Silindile Ntuli said...

That's a good question actually, what's with the hat? If I wear to guess I'd say someone was just playing at one shower and made the expecting girl wear it, unfortunately it caught on because you know how off things like catching on... The chocolate diaper no you've given me an image I don't like