Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who doesn't love GIFTS

The hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on September 8, 2012. 

I had no idea what people buy each other for anniversary gifts so I opted to go traditional. For the most part. 

First I ordered a custom caricature of him and I. I found a guy who actually drew the pictures old school with color penciled. You wouldn't believe how many of the places ow do it all digitally and then emails you a PDF file to print on your own. NO THANK YOU. I wanted to classic hand drawn color pencil picture. Lucky for me I found a guy who did that and was great to work with. 
That's us as! He drew us at Heinz field and as Steelers. (That's where we got engaged)

During the whole wedding planning my wonderful husband decided we should write our own vows. And since he didn't push for to much I agreed to writing my own vows. I wrote them 4 days before the wedding on an M&M note pad. One draft and done. I wasn't thrilled about it. See I'm a big bad cry baby. I knew I would cry....and did I ever. Cried my ever loving eyes out. It was ridicules. My husband said he would love to be able to read my gowns sometime because he couldn't make them out between my sobbing and laughing. So.....after getting them back from my maid of honor in DENVER I laminate them and attached them to the back of the picture. 

And what did my wonderful husband get me.........he made me a custom bookcase. 

This is the first thing he's built since high school and its freaking amazing. I love my "M" bookcase. It's different and so cool. I wanted something cool and different and I couldn't find anything online or in stores. So I said wouldn't it be cool if it was shaped like an M. And he made it. 


Sam_I_am said...

Whoo! Go Steelers!!! (Did you see Troy jump over the line on Sunday. I love that man!) That was a great traditional gift. My hubs and I did tickets for a concert for our 1st anniversary. I showed my husband your bookcase when you posted it before (or maybe it was on facebook) and told him that he never makes me anything that cool!

Sam_I_am said...

Next time you're in Pittsburgh, there's a guy at Station Square that draws caticatures for $5 if you want to add to your collection!