Monday, October 21, 2013

My awesome family

I love fall.

I used to have halloween parties for my little cousins, my nephew, and my friends children. It was fun. A TON of work, but FUN.

Then my dad passed away and I stopped the parties. I felt bad. My poor niece was only 9 months old at her first and only party........and I felt bad.  My dad and I loved setting up the parties. Buying new scary stuff for the haunted trail and planning. My dad loved the parties because he loved the kids. So after he passed away I just couldn't. I planned to skip the first halloween and then start the parties back up..........but I didn't. 

So the last two years instead of parties we have taken to the kids to a fall fest. And this year my mom, cousins Melissa and her twin daughters Jessica and Rebecca and my friend Pam and her boyfriend and son joined us for some fun family time. Oh yeah and of course my niece Sarah and nephew kanyon were there as was the hubby and my step son Scott. 
Mom and Sarah on the pony

Jessica, Rebecca and Sarah

All the munchkins kanyon. Rebecca, Sarah, Scott. Jessica, and Logan 

Waiting for the hay ride. So cute.

Caring out there pumpkins.

She picked hers all by herself

Their loot.

Next year I would like to have a party. Or maybe just pumpkins and painting. I don't know. We will deal with that when it gets here. 

We also went to a fall fest with my in-laws the other weekend. And we had a good time. It was 90degrees out, so it was WARM but fun non the less. 

Scott and Juliet

The twins in the corn pool.

To freaking cute

Nice cow.

I have to say I have a good looking family. We are surrounded by cute kids. 


Sam_I_am said...

Family Holidays meals at my parents' house were really stressful for me after my dad passed. I dreaded them and they usually ended with fighting. So, now I do them at my house. It's enough change that we don't have that empty seat looming at us.

Amy McMean said...

I understand that feeling. That's a good idea, I know our first round of holidays were tense. We did one thanksgiving at our house and it went well. Takes some stress off my mom.