Friday, July 13, 2012


So I've made some progress on the wedding front.

Last Friday I found a pair of shoes for ........wait for it........$12. Yup! and they are very cute with a nice chunky heal so I'm taller! And will most likely not fall down and break my face in them so that's a huge plus.

All the invitations are done, stuffed, stamped and the labels are being printed....momentarily, once Mister Snarky finishes his stuff. I had to buy stamps today, holy cow! $54 for stamps. My invites only cost $75 lol.
The programs are about 90% done.

We have an OFFICIANT which is always helpful if want things to be "legal".

I made hair appointments for the day of for myself and the four wonderful bridesmaids....Jessica and Rebecca are 10 they aren't getting up dos. but i did but them cute headbands with yellow flowers for in their hair. That's enough for them.

The guys are tentatively doing their tux fittings tomorrow.

Mom and I have plans for this coming Friday to go dress shopping for her. That. Should. Be. Fun.........and by fun i mean a freaking  NIGHTMARE! But I'm going to try and remember count to 10 then knock her over the head when she gets on my nerves........wait, that doesn't sound like the advice the doctor gave me for dealing with my anger.

And I've finally decided what to do about who's walking me down. So that's DONE.

the rest of the things I ordered came in the mail this week. It was like Christmas up in here. I could get used to that....maybe everyone could just start sending me free stuff cause I'm kind of tired of paying for things. The memoriam candle holders I ordered for his parents and my dad came. I was so excited until i noticed the box with my dad's had his name written on the box and it was spelled wrong......... I saw red. Pretty sure it was red. I didn't know what to think. i started opening and unwrapping the holder and was relieved to see that his name was indeed spelled correctly where it mattered. Oh thank god. Cause the people at The Wedding Outlet were about to get one very unhappy call from me.

Still lots to do........56 days to go

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