Friday, July 6, 2012

is this crunch time????

Today at 3 p.m. we will be 63 days away from WEDDING DAY.

We've accomplished a lot of things but at the same time we have SO MUCH to do.

I was reminded by my BFF/ maid of honor that this is crunch time. Sunday will be the 2 month mark.

2 months. oh man. I should have done things a bit differently. Like made a game plan from the get go. But I didn't.

This is what I gathered from our conversation last night. I need to do the following
  1. Get bra and slip
  2. pick a hair style
  3. make dress appointment so i can get my alterations started.
  4. send out invites (would be going out today  but I'm still waiting for one last detail)
  5. buy shoes
  6. guys need to go for their tux fittings
  7. Finish centerpieces thankfully I unloaded my maid of honor is helping with that
  8. Figure out who will be walking me down
#8 has been a thorn in my side since Jeremy uttered the words "will you marry me". Conversations with my mom have consisted of "Have you decided yet" "What are you going to do" "You aren't replacing your dad" "You need to figure it out, you don't have much time" "If it's not your brother you need to give the person time to get a tux" "I told the minster you need to talk about this" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Last night my BFF/maid of honor said "Have you decide who's going to walk you down yet, cause it's crunch time Amy"

My answer every time is I'm not concerned about it. Not because it's to hard for me to deal with....don't get me wrong it breaks my heart that my dad isn't here, but since he can't do it I don't really care. i don't have a strong feeling towards who i want to do it. My brother is already in the wedding so he can do it. my uncle is the only other person I would consider asking but honestly it doesn't matter to me anymore. No one can replace my Dad, so I don't care who does it. I love my brother and my uncle so either would be great for me. But I don't have a preference. So i wish they would just figure it out on their own.

Other stuff we need to do
  1. Buy candy, bags and containers for the candy bar.
  2. Take Scott to pick out the sand we need for the sand ceremony.
  3. find a hair dresser.
  4. go shopping with mom for her dress
  5. put together favor type things
  6. order flowers
  7. get grooms gift
  8. grooms cake
  9. SHIT!!!!!! That's a lot of stuff

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