Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 sucky things about being an adult

  1. No one to cook me dinner. While I enjoy eating ice cream for dinner sometimes (like an good adult should). Sometimes I just want some good old fashion down home mom made. So I've been working very hard to train trick my soon to be hubby into making dinner all the time.
  2. Work blows. Man oh Man give me a lunch box and some gym shorts and send me back to school. What were we thinking! School is where it's at. this working 8 hours a day for a few dollars is highly overrated. I mean really........where mom and dad's rules so absurd we had to hurry up and grow up so we could move out. I would KILL at counting and coloring if i could go back to school.
  3. Sure I can throw my socks all over the floor and leave wrappers on the table, cause I'm an adult and I don't have to CLEAN UP. but the downfall to that plan is that if you live in filth NO ONE is going to want to come over and then you will be forced to CLEAN a whole bunch of crap up to get your social life back on track. So we really must clean, and not just some laundry people. Dusting. Vacuuming. Dishes. blah blah blah
  4. At some point you will get to the point in your life where you MUST sniff a kids butt to figure out if he pooped. It'll be a bright spot in your day.
  5. Punishment is much worse when you're an adult. Apparently we are "supposed to know better", so when we mess up it's hard to come back from. Oh you broke moms vase, that's OK she cleans it up and maybe you get grounded. Fast forward to Oh missed the alarm over slept and your car broke down on the way to work...AGAIN. You're Fired.
  6. Bills Bills Bills. And I don't mean the football team. Life was easier when my only bill was the money I owed the lunch lady. Rent, electric, water and sewer (really), car payments, just keeps going! And they seem to be a stickler for being on time these days. If i didn't pay the lunch lady she wrote my name on a slip and we paid the next day........If i don't pay my car payment, my car gets repoed and I'm not lucky enough to end up on the show Repo Games, so that car is gone. I would KILL at the show!
  7. Sooner or later.......if you're lucky you are responisble for caring for and shaping the next generation. And I cna't think of a more pressure filled job than that!
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Anonymous said...

Haha...I can definitely relate to your list! No kids of my own yet, but as a kindergarten teacher I've sniffed more kids (not their bums directly, thank goodness!) than I ever want to again. Poop is not my friend! :P

Natteringnic said...

*blargh* Yes. You are right. Sooner or later, every grownup has to sniff a bum. I betcha even The Queen of England or Oprah has had to do this.

*swingin' by from MamaKat*