Monday, April 19, 2010

Too much HOOPLA!

So my 5 day vacation (spent at home doing NOTHING) is now over and I am.......back at work. BOO!

I had taken a few days off for my birthday and to recover from the 10 day stretch I had. My a word.........................disappointing. My family was to BUSY to celebrate my birthday on we did it Friday after MUCH fighting and arguing. I actually asked if they needed me there after all. All i wanted was a carrot cake or a German chocolate cake....i don't ask for much. I didn't get either. My mom doesn't like carrot cake, huh I sort of thought it was my birthday i must have been wrong, and they couldn't find a German chocolate cake. WHATEVER. My dinner plans with my friends were canceled but that couldn't be helped. Preggers little boy was sick. Like really sick. Like a 102 degree fever sick. Poor guy. so the dinner was postponed till this week.

I spent my actual birthday at the laundry mat, mowing my parents huge yard (yeah the parents who forgot my birthday...that's them) and sitting at home alone. It was AWESOME.

But i did get a rocking gift from Preggers.
And my parents bought me a new gas bottle for my grill and some BBQ forks and stuff.

My mom said, "don't you think you're a little to old for all this hoopla". The HOOPLA in question was a family dinner at my parents house. Which was my idea. They offered to take me out but I said why don't we just throw some burgers on the grill and eat here Friday that way Big brother, Jan, and baby Sarah could come. all i wanted was burgers and cake at my parents house. What a bunch of HOOPLA. I'm so inconsiderate sometimes. I told my mom they can plan their own Halloween party for the kids next year, and their own children parties and birthday stuff. Since asking for burgers and cake at my parents house is to much HOOPLA for me. I'm out of the hoopla business then.

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Sam_I_am said...

I still demand an Easter basket from my mother. I tried to convince her to hide eggs this year, but she wouldn't do it. I'm not too proud, she used to put money in them. Happy Belated Birthday. If I were there, I would have let you have a lot of hoopla! It's your day and you deserve it!