Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 9 of 10

I've been working non stop since Easter Sunday. NON STOP. except for roughly 10 hours between shifts when I'm eating dinner, sleeping, and taking a shower. I'm EXHAUSTED.

The weather has been least the glimpses I've seen from the window, since I've been stuck inside the office WORKING. And I'm just really HOPING that it's nice this week when I finally have sometime off. PLEASE!

"Just one more day"...that's what I've been telling myself ALL day TODAY. JUST ONE MORE DAY, after today, and I finally have some time off! Just one more day.

Aside from being screamed out by a VERY ANGRY man.....a funeral director..........another angry guy.........and some lady from a law office, the day hasn't been TO BAD.

Hope everyone else is having a much BETTER day. Just one more day!

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