Friday, April 9, 2010

5 things Friday

so my bloggy buddy Sam, over here does 5 things Friday. And since she's obvious a smart cookie (she's a Steelers fan also) I figured I'd join her on this nice Friday.

5 things that I REALLY love. NOW......I could say my family..blah...blah...blah...but that's a given, for the most part.

So here we go
  1. Flannel sheets. I'm ALWAYS cold, so flannel sheets are the best thing in the world to me! Next to a heated blanket. "You know one of them there blankets with a plug you stick right into the wall, while you watch your shows".
  2. SUBWAY. The sandwich place, not the overly crowded, smelly, noisy form of transportation. I love me a good sub.
  3. Sun, warm temps, and a fishing pole. I love's so relaxing. I can't wait to get out and catch some fish this summer.................and work on my tan, after I've applied an appropriate amount of SPF.
  4. Grillin. Nothing is better then a yummy hamburger straight off the Bar-B-Q. Unless it's a yummy STEAK!
  5. Adult activities........................of course I'm talking about Bingo, and sing-songs, and not Sex, and Alcohol. Of course that's what I meant. ;)


Perfectly Unperfect said...

Love your five things!! I played along too. Go see. :-)

Sam_I_am said...

mmmmmmm... I love subway too. Thanks for playing. I'll post a Mister Linky, hopefully, next time :-)