Saturday, February 20, 2016

Striking out.

This whole mom thing feels like an endless mind game sometimes. 

The dr said ' oh you'll learn to tell his cries apart'.  Hmmmm. Everytime I think I have the 'hungry' cry figured out from the 'I pooped cry' I swear he changes it up on me. 

Today I packed up the diaper bag for an outing. Filled it with diapers, wipes, bottle, an extra outfit (just in case) and formula......and then left it at home. Good thing I wasn't in charge of putting the baby in the car.  All I had to do was carry the diaper bag out to the car......that's all I had to do. MOM FAIL. Unfortunately I didn't notice the missing diaper bag until I was across town. And this wonderful mommy had us out over little mans feeding time. Let's just say when he woke up he was less then pleased with me. GOOD JOB MOM. He screamed bloody murder. And I got really upset. 

How could I forgot the things he needs. Bad mommy. Fortunately for me my husband ran into target to buy some ready to use formula so I could feed the little man in the parking lot. My husband kept telling me it was ok and that these things happen, but I still felt like an idiot. And when I picked him up he was so worked up he was soaking wet. My poor little guy. 

Pretty much everyday I find myself going.... 'Ahhhh what was I thinking, why didn't I know better!' 

Like when we finished off the formula and we switched to a different brand that gave him horrible gas and stuffed him up for 6 days. My poor guy. Thank goodness for gas drops. 

Mommy is trying. And I promise one day I will get it right..... And that will probably be about the time you move out! 

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Diane said...

You're fine. It takes a while to get into the Mommy-groove. And the best part? He won't remember a BIT of it!! :)