Sunday, May 17, 2015

T minus 24 hours

It's almost 23 hours until I go for my blood test. It's been a long two weeks. A VERY LONG TWO WEEKS. And in less then 23 hours I will know if I'm with child or if it'll be time to start another round of drugs, blood tests, ultrasounds, shots and IUI. PLEASE LET ME BE PREGNANT. everyone keeps saying ' hopefully you find out you have to keep giving your self a shot everyday.' It's weird when that is actually a good thing. 

So as promised at the end of my last post here is the most awkward thing I have gone through so far. 

I though the HSG ( hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them) was the most awkward thing....but I was wrong. There is something more awkward then laying on a table in front of 5 people who are looking inside me with a X-ray machine.....via my vagina.

Hubs and I had to go into the doctors office so he could 'learn' how to give me a shot. I wasn't thrilled and he was even less thrilled. Giving a shot.....seems easy enough. I've given myself the orvidell shot that's easy peasey. The progesterone oil shot........not so much. The nurse showed him how to fill the syringe, change the needles, then how to dart it into my skin and slowly release it. Maybe it was the anxiety in both of us. Maybe it was the anticipation of getting a shot. Maybe it was the disappointment of realizing this was yet another thing my body just wasn't doing but I couldn't stop laughing. Laughing like a 12 year old boy. 

Picture this. Me laying face down on the table with my but in the air while this conversation goes on

Nurse- you will want to pinch the skin around the circle firmly. (OH YES THEY DRAW TWO BIG CIRCLES, ONE ON EACH CHEEK SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT AREA TO PUT THE SHOT IN- your but looks like it's got eyeballs. )

Hubs- is this firm enough (grabbing my butt) 

Nurse-( feeling my butt) yeah that's good. Now you want to dart it in, imagine you are playing darts. Just dart the tip in really quick but only half way then you'll slide the rest in slowly. Don't do it all at once. YOU need to stop laughing.

Me- I'm trying. Hahaha

Hubs- ok take a deep breath ....let is out ( darts the tip in) ok is that far enough? 

Nurse- yeah, you want just the first half to go in ( inch and a half long needle people)Now slowly slide the rest of it in.


Hubs- is that to fast

Nurse- just slide it in easy, easy. Ok you are all the way in now push the plunger down slowly...slowly.slowly. That's right. And we are done.

Hubs- so I guess I shouldn't smack her on the ass afterwards, huh? 

Nurse - not unless you want her to smack you

Hubs- well the other cheek is ok SMACK! (Smacks my ass in front of the nurse) 


He has done the shot 5 times now. He's almost a pro. Oh and those circles I told you about. There are small bruises inside from the needle so it really looks like it has eyeballs now. Incase you have to do this a nice warm compress after really does help it feel better. You won't be so sore later.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings good news. 10 MORE WEEKS OF SHOTS! .........seems really weird that ashot would ever be GOOD NEWS. 

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