Thursday, June 13, 2013


Normally June looks like sunshine and pool time in our neck of the woods. 

But not this June, with my brother getting married and us moving we were pretty late to get my moms pool open this year........and when they opened it two weeks ago we made a shocking of the walls had buckled and there was a huge hole in the metal. Granted the pool is almost 16 years old.

So until the new pool gets installed there will be no pool time pictures. But that's ok because almost all my days off in June have looked like this. 
RAIN RAIN RAIN. Puts a real damper on things.
My little rain gauge is getting pretty full just from the storm we had over night. 

So that's what it looks here in sunny....I mean rainy York, Pa.


Dyanne @ I Want Backsies said...

When it's August and 95 and every living thing has burnt to a crisp, you'll remember these soggy days fondly. Wait, that's Missouri weather. I've only been to PA once and it was beautiful and green and not horribly hot in August. I hope it turns out that way soon!

May said...

We have had much more rain this year too. But it has been what they have been calling "drought busting" so every drop has been welcome.
Hope you are in that new pool soon!

Rina said...

Hope the rain goes away quickly and we look forward to seeing the pool photos!