Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

Since my step-son is only 10 and only with us every other weekend it falls to us to plan something for Father's Day. 

Last year I planned an all day adventure. We went to Harrisburg to see a 3D wildlife movie at the IMAX. Then we walked over to city island where we caught a ride on the paddle boat for a Pirate Cruise. We had a BLAST. A BLAST! A WET RIVER SOAKED BLAST.

So this year we opted for a trip to Maryland to Medieval Times. Fathers got in FREE. Sounds good to me!
Scott waving his banner
Clearly into the show.
If you've never been, GO. If you've been, GO AGAIN. We had so much fun! The food was great. The show was great. The company was great. It was AWESOME. 

And since we were there we stopped at the Lego Store

And we all got new Lego sets and plenty of reminders from the day.

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