Monday, June 3, 2013

Cha cha change!

It was HOT here this weekend. And we unfortunately found out my moms pool has a hole in the side.......bummer. Taking a dip at Club Macneal would have been GREAT this weekend. 

We were able to do a little more unpacking this weekend before I quickly lost interest. 

I managed to put the kitchen stuff where it goes and all the laundry finally got put away.

We picked up some new shower curtains...exciting right. 

And had a fight at Home Depot over new door knobs. 

Now, personally I don't care what the door knobs look like as long it lets me in my house. Round knobs, lever knobs, silver, black, gold, WHATEVER. it's a door knob this shouldn't take anymore then 4 minutes to pick it. right? NO. The mister takes it pretty seriously. After repeatedly saying 'I don't care' I realized he wasn't picking it himself so I said 'yeah this one looks good'. I JUST WANTED TO LEAVE.

Well of course the random one I picked to get us out of there only had 2sets that matched key wise. And we needed 3. GREAT. However, we found a set of 3 other ones, I say ok they work let's go. NO.NO.NO. the mister decides that I somehow will not be happy with those because they aren't the original one I picked out. I try to explain that I don't care they are fine I like them, but no. Next thing I know he's talking to a worker at Home Depot and this clown is like 'Ahh we don't have anymore of the one you like but the guy who rekeys them will be back from lunch In awhile and he can make you a 3rd one.' No. I want to leave.  I try to say no that's not necessary we can take the three other ones that match. And the mister keeps saying BUT THOSE AREN'T THE ONES YOU PICKED OUT. next thing I know I'm yelling'I DON'T CARE I'LL BE UP FRONT THIS IS RIDICULES'.  Just another fun day at Home Depot. 

Needless to say he bought the three that matched and we left. 

Good times.

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