Friday, January 27, 2012

I need a drink

oh my. Wedding planning. hmmmm.......

I thought this was fun?! My married friends seemed to like planning their weddings. Visiting places, tasting cakes, picking colors, themes, dresses, you name it. Maybe I just thought they were having fun. Or MAYBE I'm doing something horribly wrong. Is there a Planning a Wedding for Dummies, book out there?

Picking a date and place seemed to be the hardest. Is it wrong that I had no strong feelings towards any date. 365 days to pick from and I didn't care which day it was? I knew i wanted Fall......Or late Fall.....which turned into early Fall. Ugh.

I figured, let's pick a place and pick our date from what they have open. Why decide on Sept 22nd and then find our dream place that doesn't have that date open.

So we visited a local golf course......TO SMALL. We want a small wedding....but i don't want 10 people to a table stuffed in a corner. To Small. So they were out.

My cousin was married over the summer at a local park. It's affordable, they just renovated the building and it looks great, close and most of my family would remember how to get there. alcohol allowed. No THANKS.

Then there was the holistic healing center. Hmmm... how would that look on the invites? The fiance was unable to check that place out....due to his son not being overly thrilled about us getting married all of the sudden(another reason this hasn't been overly fun). The night prior to this appointment my soon-to-be stepson informed us he didn't plan on coming to the wedding. So my mom went along with me. I liked it. It was close. It was BIG. and it had cool twinkly lights and they had a music system so we could just bring a loaded Ipod and cut the DJ costs.

However, while i liked the healing center, i had my heart set on Ski rountop Mountain Resort. And After waiting 3 weeks for our appointment for resort....she called that day to CANCEL. Now, I wasn't having much fun, my soon-to-be stepson told me he wasn't coming to the wedding, and I just saw a place without my fiance that I thought he might like so when he called to inform me she cancelled our appointment I said don't reschedule. I wanted the healing center. But the fiance went later in the week to look at it and said NO.

He said he was concerned that I was settling on a place because I just wanted to be done with this part. So I agreed to let him make another appointment at Ski roundtop. She fit us in on a Saturday morning. GREAT........SORT OF. Because things are going so smoothly for us.(hahaha) It ended up being the first time it's snowed all winter! the First snow at a Ski Resort.....and I'm going to check out there indoor and OUTDOOR spaces. After waiting on the road to the resort for 20 minutes behind three stuck buses, we finally rolled into our appointment 30 minutes late. Awesome. We must have stuck out like a sore thumb, as we were the only people there not decked out in snow gear. It was hard to look around the lodge as it was packed full of people. but I could see the good and as we stood in the snow outside at the ceremony spot, i thought.... I LOVE THIS! Needless to say we booked it. Sept 8th I'll become Mrs. Miller. :)

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