Thursday, July 22, 2010

Work blues

Every time I say I'm BACK!! something happens and I'm away from blogging FOREVER! So I wont say it.......because I'm sure something will come up and I wont be able to post for a LONG TIME!

I just got back this week from a MUCH need vacation. 10 days off.......10 whole days! a row!!

I didn't do much. took a few little mini vacation and spent time with my family, nothing REALLY exciting. But least I wasn't at work. So Now I'm back to the Grind.....and it sucks.

Had a bit of a falling out yesterday with my supervisor. In my defense after a year of hearing "We know you need help, we are getting another person to help you", 6 months of 6 days a week in this place, overtime on my ONE day off, and more and more work........I finally snapped and said "I can't do anymore work, I have a lot of work to do to!" And yet.......I'm the jerk. Wouldn't be so bad but she wouldn't have a rational conversation with me, she just yells, "Never mind", storms off and mutters to herself what a hassle it is to get a little help around here. NO SHIT! I've been saying that for a YEAR! Funny thing....the stuff she wanted me to do.....3 other people know how to do.......why was I ELECTED the person to do it forever NOW!? Oh yeah because up until now I haven't COMPLAINED about or said NO to anything I've had to do.....yeah I am a jerk.

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