Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ladies Lunch time again!

So the women in my family started these Gorgeous Girls and Grannies lunches every few months. This year we celebrated every one's birthday.......and brought gifts, which in theory is a nice idea. Until you have 11 people at 1 lunch to buy for......then it becomes expensive. So we've covered all the birthday's now, and will just be having lunches from now on. No gifts required. Cool.

So here are a few pictures from the last one we had in Cambridge, Md. Lunch #3

This would be the whole crazy bunch. My Aunt Gloria had the t-shirts and the banner made. Everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Just us nieces. From top to bottom (left to right) Tammy, Kimmie, Missy, ME, and Jen

And Finally me and one of my favorite two little monsters. Rebecca.

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