Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little less me, please.

I'm not usually big on RESOLUTIONS made for the new year. BUT.....this year I've made a resolution. To ..........drum roll please............LOSE WEIGHT. 

My clothes are to tight and I'm not happy. The clothing I received for Christmas was my size..but that didn't fit either. 

I noticed my body has been sore. I feel old. Real old. And I don't like it.

But most importantly I need to lose weight because the hubby and I have been trying for a year now to have a baby and  it's no going so great. I have done everything else they recommend. Charting ovulation, vitamins and lots of practice..wink wink.., But no luck. So the next step is to lose some weight. Truth is, I need to lose weight for a ton of reasons. So I'm going to work at it. And the hubby is going to work at it with me. 

We use an app on our phones MyfitnessPal. Put in your current weight and it tells you how many calories you need to eat each day. The app makes it easy to track what you eat and any excerise you do. It's pretty makes it idiot proof. You can use the camera on ur phone to scan the bar code of packages to automatically enter the calories. You can also search for food in their catalogue. It's pretty great. 

So we have no reason to not "be able to stick to it'. I'm hopeful. Usually we last a month or so and then it's back to ice cream and pizza stat, but this time I want to stick with it. 

So here's to seeing less of myself in the months to come. 

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Sam_I_am said...

It's still important to have the pizza and ice cream, just in smaller portions and less often. If you try to go sans goodies, you'll go into a sugarless delirium and eat a whole 1/2 gallon of chocolate chip. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. This is a tough battle. I read and she has another blog, The Shrinking Momster, where she does a lot of healthy recipes. I don't cook, so it's moot for me, but you might see something you like! :-)