Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's best about being a kiddo.

Mama Kat wants to know the 10 best things about being a kid. 

In not certain order

1. Napping. We should have stuck with that one. I'm positive my productivity would be much better after a nice afternoon nap. Or at least I wouldn't get so grumpy after lunch. 

2. Recess. Just imagine if you could settle all your meetings with a rousing game of dodge ball. Who doesn't want to see their boss or snarky co-worker bite it on the monkey bars? 

3. Bath time. Yes, even as adults we can enjoy a nice bath. BUT we can't bust out the Mr. Bubble and our beach babie with her jet ski to cruise around the tub.

4. Pure joy. Everything is AWESOME when you're young. Everything is new and exciting. Now pure joy is replaced with realism. Sure, it's cool but I bet it's expensive now replaces any thought of awesomeness. 

5. Lack of fear. My brother and I often sit and talk about the things we did as kids.... Ad how we find it hard to believe we lived through it. My mom can't figure out how we did either. We loved American Gladiators, and we always wanted to be on the show and do the course where you have to dodge the tennis balls the gladiator shoots at you. So we practiced by setting up a course and throwing ROCKS at each other.

6. Summer. When you're a Kid you get 3 months of vacation. As an adult you need to work someplace for an eternity and give them a kidney to get 3 weeks off. 

7. Water balloons. Hit me with one now and I'll smack a bitch.

8. Coloring. Nothing is as relaxing as coloring. I'll tell you a secret.......I still color all the time. 

9. Trick-or-treating. I LOVE. Halloween. LOVE IT. But I guarantee if I went out trick or treating ( I don't have any kids) pa would be escorted home via the police. Who wouldn't be alarmed by a 32 year old women dressed up and pan handling. That's only acceptable from children under the age of 13 one night a year.

10. Riding the bus to school. I WISH I could catch a bus to work everyday. A work bus with my name written on a notecard above a certain seat. My co-workers and I could jump over seats and make friendship bracelets. And I wouldn't have to drive and cuss at other drivers! 

Those are my top ten things about being a kid. 


Alissa said...

Oh my gosh! I love everything about your list. Love that you practiced for American Gladiator a little like it was the Hunger Games by throwing and dodging rocks. Loved that show too.

TMW Hickman said...

American Gladiator? I remember that show! Gawd, I am old! Lol!

Mama Kat said...

We had it so good. I always looked forward to American Gladiator!

Diane said...

Awesome, awesome list! Except that now I'm more convinced than ever that being a grown-up sucks. Thanks for that, friend. Pffttt. ;)