Friday, May 31, 2013


Today I hope to unpack.........something. 

My goal is to have our garage cleaned out and ready to park in by.......WINTER.  Yeah I know that's like 6 months away.....that's why I picked it. I like realistic goals. And since I've never had a garage to park in I think I can manage to park in the driveway for a few the peasants. 

I could say 'Oh I want the garage cleaned out by this weekend' and I could work my butt off to accomplish that.......BUT. I. Don't. Want. To. We just moved. And I want to relax and enjoy a weekend, or few weekends, or my whole darn summer. So what's it to you. 

See our house sold in 3 weeks and we moved exactly a month later. So we've been busy. Not to mention my brother got married during that time as well. So I spent many a day off running wedding errands with my sister-in-law. So. I'm. Tired.

Pics from my brothers wedding.
The Mister and I

My beautiful sister-in-law

Big Brother

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