Monday, August 20, 2012

18 days and counting

Finally ordered our flowers. From Sam's club......i know right. SAM'S CLUB. and they were crazy affordable so Cross your fingers that they are crazy AWESOME.

Now all I need is my trail run for my hair......I forgot about that. I chalk it up to my strong dislike for girly crappy. But I wasn't thinking and the next two weeks my schedule is completely jacked up because of work. So I have literally 3 days I can do it. Cross your fingers on that for me also. LOL.

I should have taken a wedding 101 class or something so I would know what I'm doing.

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Sam_I_am said...

I got my flowers at a local grocery store. Mostly carnations (my favorites and cheap too!) They were beautiful!! Look up some ideas that you want for your hair and make sure you have the final pic the day of, because I had one design that they guy told me he could do and then he forgot what it was on the wedding day and I went from an amazing princess hair, to a fancy ponytail. ugh. The most important tip that I always give (mostly unsolicited :-) ) The best planned wedding will have some hang up (my garter fell off, we didn't have an aisle runner and Christopher's cell phone rang during the ceremony), but you can either get caught up in what went wrong, or have a blast with what went right. I think that not being a "girly-girl" will help you with that. Girly-girls always go flippin' nuts. Live it up, Girl! You're only doing this once! I'll be thinking of you!!!