Saturday, June 4, 2016

Time in a bottle.

Time flies by so fast. I'm feeling that from all sides right now. Not only is my little guy 4 months old but all the kids in my life have gone and grown up. I can't believe it. My nephew turned 13 years old last weekend. 13...going on a very angsty 18. I still remember going to the hospital when he was born. I remember changing diapers and sleepy overs at my apartment. Roller coaster rides, swim parties, birthday parties, breakfast at schooll with him. Seems like yesterday.

Then there are my twin younger cousins who turned 15 on Friday. 15!!! That's way to close to driving age for my liking. I remember my cousin showing me her ultrasound picture and saying 'here is baby A and that is baby B' I jumped up from the table so quick I almost knocked over the chair. Again I remember the hospital visit. Birthday parties. Sleepovers, movie dates, carnivals, swimming, fishing, I have albums of pictures. Millions of memories. 

And my step-son turned 13 years old on Friday. He was 7 when I came into his life. That seems like so long ago. The first time I meant him we went to chucky cheese and played games. Scott asked his dad if he had to sit on my lap. My husband said 'she's not Santa'. I remember making cupcakes, and coloring, and playing games. I remember the break down and tantrum he had when we told him we were getting married. But I remember the birthday's and our fun Father's Day trips. I remember trips to the amusement park and playing video games. 

I've watched all 4 of these children grow. And grow. And grow some more. I just don't know how or when all that growing happen. When did my little people become big people. 

My little people almost 4 years ago. 

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