Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time flies when you're BUSY

WOWSERS! I haven't blogged in WEEKS! Uhm. One would think I would have so much to say. Tales to tell. Humorous stories to relay.....alas I do not. Aside from work and sleep I don't do much of anything. My time card for the last two weeks had 100 hours on it. I SWEAR to god. 100 hours. I feel like all I do is work. Work. Work. Sleep. Work. I'm completely over IT. And Completely exhausted.

I managed a shopping trip with my friend last night. Our annual Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. I bought 1 gift and a scarf for myself. not a very good start. He bought a CD for himself. It might be we don't fully understand the concept of giving. I did pick up a cute picture frame I'm going to give to Big Brother. It says "The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and I have a picture of BB and my nephew to go in it. Funny to me.

Preggers and I took heart breaker out Saturday to enjoy the first snow fall.

Poor kid. Can't tell if he liked it or not. We thought it was FUNNY! He looked less amused and more concerned that we were, oh I don't know losing our minds.

Let's see anything else worth mentioning.........(thinking) I had a date, sort of. It was a come over and watch a movie kind of thing. We'll see what happens. So I guess that's all the excitement of the last few weeks. Not to much to tell. I'll hope for something more exciting to come.

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Melissa said...

That picture is PRICELESS!!!

And, I thought you weren't blogging because your Steelers have not been "up to par"... :-)